Your Voice – Anger – is Shut Down in Childhood

The sword representing anger in childhood.

Childhood Anger is Shut Down

Being powerless and dependent in childhood often means that one’s voice is shut down. Your voice is your anger, your tool for getting what you need in the world. Anger can be used for destruction but often it’s the pathway for becoming string in spirit.

Growing up small. Many things are taken away when you’re weaker and one that is taken for granted is your assertiveness. Children are dismissed generally, as if they will, “be just fine” when they grow up. A line that is used to justify doing anything we want to them.

It is easier and more convenient to have compliance rather than a thinking, curious individual.

The goal as an adult is to reclaim that which was lost. Look within and see what you are resentful about, explore it as if you are meeting a new lover. Create a relationship with it and then integrate it into who you are.

People may not like it. As a matter of fact many won’t but if you don’t reclaim your anger then you don’t really exist and then it doesn’t matter if people like you or not.

Because you won’t really be you.

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