The Risk of being Rejected

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Portrayal – A little girl, outside and away from the home. Looking like she was just rejected but putting up a facade that instead says she’s “angry” and independent, and has no need for those whom she depends on.

She has her back to the home in protest. And, at the same time is sitting behind a giant mushroom which serves as a good enough object to put something solid between her and her home. A way of rejecting her home back. Home of course represents her parents, the ones she desperately needs but who fail her time and again.

Although she looks stoic and strong, the tension in her body gives her real emotional state away. It serves to hold in the hurt and protect her from the unbearable and intolerable feelings that she can’t do anything about, until such time that someone mature can come along and provide her with enough safety to release it.

“One of the worst states to be in, is to be ignored or rejected. Obscurity like insecurity, kills!”
― Bernard Kelvin Clive

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