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I realized personally in my adult life that I selected environments that were “exciting” and “war zones” alike. This was both in personal and professional atmospheres. Wjat I am doing now instead, is I have chosen to focus on my responsibilities – this included many aspects: removing myself from needy family members, removing myself from toxic relationships, spending less time on social media, deleting some of my social media accounts etc.

At work, my relationships became more professional – meaning I became more accountable for my work, I stayed away from politics, I became better at my job BECAUSE I refused to kiss behinds. I refused to focus on the negative, and instead took a step outside of my emotions. What some people call boring is actually – peace of mind.

It’s the refusal to participate in gossip, and the extreme form is slander. Unfortunately, unless I actively fight against the “drama triangle” – it creeps in. It’s the oversharing that happens on social media, it’s the media parade of endless topics that aim to divide and destroy people – they paint others as evil and put delusional ideas in peoples’ heads.

It’s important – more than ever- with digital distribution of opinions to fight against people’s role as the ‘rescuer’ or the ‘persecutor’ or even the ‘victim’. It’s been a challenge – definitely- because human relationships are complex and complicated. But there is always a sense of humanity that I remember and keep things in perspective.

Hope this helps someone.


– Kafei

“The first step is you have to say that you can. – Will Smith”

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