Set your Inner Child Free

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How do we do it?


So much of the adult suffering we carry with us is baggage from our childhood. Most people are too anxious to delve into the pain and despair that comes with it, worried that it might swallow them whole.

So we develop habits and a personality style to cope with that pain and keep it in the unconscious, thinking on some level that we are okay.

But … the more we avoid it, the bigger it grows. Kind of like this children’s story about a dragon.

Holding back the pain holds back our life, and our suffering increases and so we double our efforts to cope (drink more, avoid people more etc.) and our suffering increases even more.


The first and most important step to healing – setting your inner child free – is to look at the pain and to start talking about it … A LOT.

When I say “talking about it” I don’t just mean with a therapist, but with the people that are closest to you, family, friends and even with a group.

Talking about it in an honest way while relating to others, consistently over time, is an effective way of bringing your emotions to the surface where they can be processed and more importantly … FELT.

Doing this tells your inner child that what he or she needs and has to say is important and when this is done over and over again, the suffering eases.

– InnerChildArt

“One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his great surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn’t do.” ― Henry Ford

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