Hiding your Pain by putting on a Good Face

Hiding your PainSee Full Size

Lots of energy and time goes into putting on a front, or wearing a mask.

That process is draining.

It requires upkeep 24/7 and can wear you down over time.

It’s very difficult to look within and even harder to expose it. The emotional pain and discomfort is intense and is not something we are used to.

Exposing it first in a safe setting makes the process much easier and allows for the needed growth.

Start with a trusted friend, family member or therapist if none of your close relationships qualify. Slowly open up and put in front of you two what’s usually hidden. Gradually this process has to be taken out of the office and into personal settings.

Look for a group who are going through similar issues and join them. Reach out to people and make new friends. You have to say it to someone’s face in order for your pain to diminish … lots and lots of times with new information and new perspective each time.

Do it like your life depends on it.

“Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides.” ― André Malraux

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