Childhood Anger needs to be Felt and Expressed

Rage that a Child Feels

Childhood Anger

Most of the time children are not allowed to express their anger.

Your anger is your voice … it is YOU.

If your anger was shut down in childhood, like it was with most of us, then you were shut down.

It’s like you didn’t exist. Physically you did but is that really existence? If you are not seen and heard emotionally then you are a walking puppet.

You are saying what your parents want you to say or doing what won’t upset them. You are not expressing how you feel, what you think and what your opinion of what’s going on in your household is.

This breeds resentment but it’s unconscious. It builds and builds and stays with you as an adult and will eat you up inside unless you get in touch with it and process it.

That means lots of talking to other people and lots of introspection. You may want to yell at your parents or you may not. Likely you’ll have to be honest with them and have several conversations for your benefit, not theirs. It’s for you to process and regulate.

Do this and you will be free of it.

“And then when I do not succeed I get mad with anger.” ― Simone de Beauvoir

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