Anxiety and where the Danger Is

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When you’re young, you have no choice but to see the world through a limited filter. Everything is about you and …

your survival is always at stake.

Two people controlled whether you lived or died, and they were scary.

Scary because they could be mean and overbearing (the world is much bigger than you are). Scary because they could disapprove or neglect you (the world pulls away and abandons you).

As an adult you don’t need them to survive anymore but you’re still anxious.

You’re anxious about public speaking or about asking girls out or about your body etc. Those are anxiety provoking but not threats in the way your survival was when you were young. So why are you still so anxious? What are you avoiding?

Go back to the source, back to your parents and talk with them as an adult. Talk about whetever you don’t want to tell them. Then you’ll see where the anxiety comes from. Do this 500 times over the next few years and your much calmer body will thank you.

“Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action.” – Walter Anderson

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