Disconnect with the Real World

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People that live like this …


That is most of us to some degree. The first question we need to ask ourselves is, “What’s going on?”

That famous painting called The Son of Man resonated with us, as most good works of art do, and it’s because we can look at it and “get it” on some level.

The man is walking around all day long with a shiny apple inches from his nose, blinded by it, at the cost of what’s really going on in his life.

As long as he sees that apple, he doesn’t have to face the more difficult realities that haunt him.


The second question we need to ask is what to do about it?

To start we have to become aware of what we do to distract ourselves from our pain. Drink, eat, watch videos etc.

Then we need to become aware of what we are avoiding which is easily done by:

Confronting our anxiety.

Hiding from Reality

This is an incredibly simplistic explanation but sometimes that can be enough because …

… a little awareness each day compounds greatly over time.

– InnerChildArt

“Forgive my indifference; I’d rather be distant than devastated” ― Ahmed Mostafa

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